Shipped Products

Campus Tours (BEAM)

Campus Tours is an update to a previously published app, Bronco Beam. I was fortunate enough to lead the research and design of this update while employed by Boise State.

Education Apps

Puzzle Master: small project / big contributions

Foundations: large project / small contributions.

GIMM Studio

GIMM Studio is a VR application that allows collaboration inside of a digital classroom. I was the lead designer for the website that accompanied the GIMM Studio application.

Vaccine Apps

My time with SpringML and on these vaccine projects will shape the rest of my design career.

Additional Projects

For full visibility into my past and current work, please reach out and I am happy to provide a password to access these projects

Passion Projects

End of Exile: VR

End of Exile: VR is a virtual reality game which aims to tell a story about people who feel like they need to choose between fitting in or living their truth

My Design System

This documentation’s main purposes are to explain how to use my design system template and to advocate for the benefits of atomic design.

Other Work

In addition to the projects displayed on this main page, there are additional projects that I have worked on that have provided me with valuable lessons and takeaways.